Recognizing the importance of digital transformation during intense business competition today, many companies are expanding digitalization using Software-Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN). In the business world, SD-WAN is useful to improve the effectiveness of business operations, also it is generally done to simplify network configuration and operations, as well as facilitate access to all corporate networks through cloud technology. This implementation is usually carried out in several locations of branches that have not been installed SD-WAN to improve company performance.

In using this cloud-based application, the main office is connected to several branch offices via a WAN network, of course with all its performance limitations. SD-WAN offers low-cost enterprise application control, good performance for Software as a Service (SAAS) applications, and integrated communication services.

The main purpose of using SD-WAN products is optimization, load balancing, performance, and security of the companies that use their services. The SD-WAN system is the latest solution for companies to overcome the limitations of coverage, higher costs, and complex characteristics of traditional WAN architecture.

With the presence of an SD-WAN solution, it can not only solve transportation problems and reduce WAN costs but also help companies create a centralized multi-cloud base, making it an attractive offer for companies that want to adopt multi-cloud. Today many companies are transforming their business operations digitally. The expansion and security of branch connectivity will be very important in building a strong digital foundation for business.

You should considering SD-WAN providers from Teldat. Teldat SD-WAN answers the needs of companies in improving business and faces increasing demand for access and connectivity in today’s digital economy, and requires a system that can help them without having to make them pay high fees and be able to maintain the security of their data. SD-WAN can answer the needs of office networks away from the company today.