In running a business, of course, there is a lot of company data ranging from internal property to those relating to external parties. Therefore, of course, your company needs a proper and safe data storage place.

With the development of technology, nowadays there is a data store called cloud-managed networks, which is a data storage center that uses virtual servers and you can use it anytime and anywhere. Large capacity and ease of use make Cloud the top choice today. For those of you who have a company, the cloud is the right choice for company data backup.

With Cloud, you don’t need to be afraid in the case of data loss because the chances of you experiencing it are very minimal. Basically, what are the factors and dangers of the loss of data belonging to your company? Here’s the explanation:

Data loss factors and hazards

Many factors can cause your data to be lost. Some examples are as follows:

• Viruses and Malware

In a storage system, viruses and malware will be the main threats. If not resolved immediately, both of these things will damage the storage system and lose your company data suddenly.

• Deleted Intentionally or Accidentally

In a system, sometimes some problems suddenly appear without you knowing it, so that it makes the data in it accidentally deleted or not.

• Firmware Issues

Firmware is useful for keeping the storage system working. Therefore, when there is a firmware problem, your company data will be prone to lose.

Of the many factors that can make your company data disappear as above, it will indirectly cause great harm in the future. Especially if it is important data. Fortunately, the cloud managed sdn networks can keep your data very well preserved. With virtual servers and security systems that have been tested, it is highly recommended that you choose a corporate data backup system through Cloud technology.

However, with a single Cloud system that only relies on your entire system on one Cloud provider, making this system is vulnerable to very large company data and application system owners.