Making peace with Covid-19 and adapting to new norms is not only a necessity for companies whose activities are centered in office buildings. Industries whose activities are mostly spent outdoors, such as industries based on natural resources or oil and gas, are also required to implement health protocols to break the chain of the spread of Covid-19.

The oil and gas industry itself has indeed been hit by the pandemic due to a fairly high drop in demand considering that people focus more on their activities at home without traveling. Therefore, facing the New Normal during and after the pandemic is a challenge in itself for the natural resource industry. On the other hand, adapting to the New Normal for the oil and gas industry is an urgent need to maintain business. Here are 4 important things that the resource industry should pay attention to in implementing the New Normal policy

Pay attention to health protocols

In the short term, oil and gas companies need to ensure the safety of employees both working from the office and in the field. This is necessary to maintain employee health and minimize the spread of viruses that may occur in the work environment. To make this effort, you can use Thermal CCTV which can help you monitor employee body temperature remotely either individually or massively.

Budget efficiency

During uncertain economic conditions after the pandemic or in the New Normal era, companies including the resource industry need to be careful in allocating budgets. This is done as a medium-term goal to ensure the sustainability of the company’s business by using digital solutions. Digital technology can help companies increase efficiency, productivity, and security. SD-WAN technology can help companies provide network infrastructure, SD-WAN devices, professional experts, and supervise and maintain other devices to support SD-WAN technology more efficiently.

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Digitization of company operations

The digitization of company operations also needs to be done in facing the New Normal for the natural resources industry, at least in the short term. One of the simpler things that can be done is to implement a remote working scheme. Although many employees work in the field, working from home can be applied to other employees who work more indoors or to support employee activities when conveying conditions in the field.

Pay attention to corporate network security

During the pandemic and New Normal in Indonesia, activities that were transferred digitally were the main choice. As well as being more practical, this method can also make it easier for people to grow their businesses while running health protocols independently. However, of course, security vulnerabilities should be paid more attention to considering that virtually stored data can become the target of cyberattacks.